Add or Remove Columns on Various QuickBooks Screens

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Want to add the “memo” column or “ship date” to your customer information screen?

Feel like removing columns you don’t need from other lists in QuickBooks?

If so, the “customize columns” option is exactly what you need.


On many of the screens within QuickBooks, you can right click your mouse, and a menu of options will appear. When working with lists (customer, vendor, inventory, etc.), one of the selections you will see is the “Customize Columns” option.

In this example, I want to add both the memo and ship date fields to my customer screen to have them for easy reference. Here’s how I would do it:

  • Open the customer center
  • Hover over the right hand part of the screen and right click my mouse to bring up the menu that appears below:
  • Click the “Customize Columns” option and I then see a screen that looks like this:
  • While on the screen above, I will choose to add the “Memo” and “Ship Date” fields. Once I do that, I will click “OK” to return to the customer list

I now have the memo and ship date fields showing automatically in my customer list.

Go ahead – now you try it! As you can see, this one menu option can make your lists display the information that is important to you…


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