What’s Your Take – Blocking Access to the Selling Price Field in QuickBooks?

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The topic of blocking access to the selling price field in QuickBooks sales orders and invoices bubbled up recently in several conversations.

So, I thought I’d get your take on how this missing feature impacts you.

The concern I’m hearing with this issue is that you lose control over the sales process. You could potentially lose profits if you have staff making unauthorized changes (read: discounts!) to your established selling prices.

Big deal to your business?

No worries about it?

Somewhere in-between?


Unless you completely block access to the sales order or invoice form (which sure isn’t very practical for order entry), I am not aware of any way to “lock down” the sales price field on these forms (regardless of whether you are using Pro, Premier, Enterprise or Online).

(TIP – if you know of a way to do this, please share it. Many would like to know!)

Just to be clear, this is what I’m talking about…


I can’t help but be curious…

Do you do any “audits” to make sure the prices showing up on your invoices are what they should be?

Have you developed other methods to make sure the proper sales price is being charged on your QuickBooks transactions?

I’m not sure we’ll ever see this field-level of functionality in QuickBooks (it is definitely found in much higher priced packages from other vendors!), but who knows what the future may hold.

Please share your thoughts as to how this issue is impacting your business and how you’re dealing with it.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Mike Jackson

    I can see where HAVING THE OPTION to lock the sell prices would be important to many businesses, and seems like a no-brainer. For us, being able to change the sell prices during the order entry process is crucial.

  • Scott Gregory

    Mike – thanks for your feedback on this issue. Indeed, an on/off option seems like it would work well across many situations.

  • Peter Yannone

    Intuit’s intention is to support the third party point of sale software market who use quickbooks as their database, essentially.

  • Larry

    Absolutely should have the option to lock the rate and/or the selling price. We need the rate to be locked and only allow editing of the quantity to arrive at the final line item price. I expect a product as mature as Quickbooks to have this capability without us needing to beg for it and wait for a future update.

  • Ramon Hawit

    this is actually one of the problems with quickbooks that is actually making us look for a different system for our company. a sales person should never have complete control of the sales price.

  • steve

    Totally in agreement with Ramon. If there is a need to alter the selling price on an invoice that is fine but QB SHOULD NOT record the change in price as a permanent change because the next customer now could get the special price on future transactions, a really bad idea.

  • Andres Rui

    That’s the same problem we have. We should try to reach QUICKBOOK for this option.

    • Scott Gregory


      You are always able to make suggestions to Intuit via the Help menu –> Submit Feedback Online. I doubt we’ll ever see this feature arrive within QuickBooks desktop products. Maybe QuickBooks Online in future months, but not even sure about that…


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