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Tracking Product Margins and Markups in QuickBooks Enterprise

The Enterprise version of QuickBooks allows you to track both product margins and markups, a feature many inventory based businesses are looking for! As a quick refresher: Margin: the amount the [...]

Client Survey: Automating the Accounting Department – Part 2

In part one of my automating the accounting department survey, we looked at feedback from small businesses in relation to automating: Accounts payable/bill paying Time tracking E-Commerce [...]

Inventory Forecasting and Planning for QuickBooks

Do you wish that QuickBooks offered more inventory forecasting and planning options than the Stock Status report? If so, you’re in luck! The Inventory Planner solution can help you answer [...]

Tracking Owners Draws and Payroll Tracking Limitations in QuickBooks for PPP Loans

Last time, I shared some ideas with you on how to track Payroll Check Protection (PPP) expenses and loan proceeds in both QuickBooks desktop and QBO platforms. Now, let’s take a closer look [...]

What’s Not Selling, Customers That Haven’t Purchased and Two Other Common QuickBooks Reports

In this post, I’ll show you how to build the following commonly requested reports in QuickBooks Pro/Premier and Enterprise: Customers that have not placed an order within a certain date [...]

Tracking Open Customer Orders and Backorders Using Sales Orders in QuickBooks

Is there a time gap between when you receive a customer order and when you ship it/deliver the services? If so, you’ll want to know about the sales order functionality available in certain [...]

The Magic QuickBooks Button to Help You Get Paid Faster

Want to get paid faster on your customer invoices? If so, read on… THE MAGIC BUTTON ON YOUR INVOICES Imagine giving your customers one-click access to pay their invoices with you. If you [...]

Why Do Businesses Move from QuickBooks Pro/Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise?

What are the main reasons a business needs to move from QuickBooks Pro/Premier into QuickBooks Enterprise (Enterprise)? From my experience, it really boils down to these main areas… GOTCHA [...]

CashFlowTool: The Cash Flow Planning App for QuickBooks

Does this describe your current “cash flow planning” system? Take the information from this report and re-type it into Excel Pull the information from that report and re-key it into Excel [...]

Import Transactions into QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise

What are the options for importing transactions and data into QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise? One of my favorite tools is the Transaction Pro Importer solution. (I am an affiliate partner) [...]

Reflections on 20 Years of Do it Yourself Accounting Freakshows…

I have a confession to make… Sadly, I missed an exceptionally important class on the way to my accounting degree decades ago (when dinosaurs ruled the Earth). Don’t get me wrong [...]

Using the Cash Flow Forecast Report in QuickBooks

Looking for a way to see a cash flow forecast in QuickBooks? If so, the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise versions offer you a Cash Flow Forecast report option. This option is not yet available in [...]

Handifox Mobile Inventory Solution vs. QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Mobile Features

The Advanced Inventory module of QuickBooks Enterprise (Platinum subscription level only) has received a number of improvements in the last few years. Fellow QuickBooks Pro Advisor Laura Madeira [...]

Procurement and Purchasing Software for QuickBooks – Part 2

Let’s continue our look at the Tradogram procurement and purchasing software solution for QuickBooks. In part one, we began a comparison of purchasing and procurement features between [...]

Purchasing and Procurement Software that works with QuickBooks – Part 1

In this two-part series, we’ll take a closer look at Tradogram, which is purchasing and procurement software that works with QuickBooks. As you may know, QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise [...]

QuickBooks for Manufacturing and Job Shops – 7 Things To Know

Whenever I hear QuickBooks and manufacturing in the same sentence, it gives me reason to pause. It should do the same for you! Unfortunately, confusion runs rampant about what QuickBooks can and [...]

Required Viewing for Every Small Business Owner: “How and Why I Stole $350,000”

Bet that title got your attention, didn’t it? It sure got mine! No worries though – it wasn’t actually me that stole anything. Rather, it was the former bookkeeper for a small [...]

Understanding The Basics of Job Costing in QuickBooks Pro/Premier and Enterprise – New Webinar

Trying to figure out the basics of using jobs and job costing in QuickBooks Pro/Premier or Enterprise? If so, this webinar is for you! WHAT I’LL COVER… Our focus in this webinar will [...]

ForecastRx: Your Tool for QuickBooks to Reduce Inventory Stockouts and Get Better Forecasting

NOTE – the replay of this webinar can be viewed on my YouTube channel! NOTE – Be sure to use these discount codes for Forecast Rx too: SCOTTQB50 – 50% off second month of service [...]

Tracking Inventory in QuickBooks: Using the Inventory Stock Status Report

If you are using QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise to manage and control your inventory, it’s essential to understand just what the Inventory Stock Status report can offer you. Located [...]

What’s Your Take – Blocking Access to the Selling Price Field in QuickBooks?

The topic of blocking access to the selling price field in QuickBooks sales orders and invoices bubbled up recently in several conversations. So, I thought I’d get your take on how this [...]