Finally! A Better Way to Manage Your
Business Cash Flow in QuickBooks


Do you worry about whether you’ll have enough cash flow to cover payroll and vendor bills but find cash flow forecasting with QuickBooks too hard?

Do you need a better way besides manual Excel spreadsheets or your own gut feel to check to see if there is enough cash for the next few weeks or months?

Do you spend a lot of time juggling money around from account to account to cover your business spending?
If so, you’re in the perfect place to find out about a new easy-to-use cash flow forecasting tool that can help you better manage your cash in QuickBooks.

Increase Your Odds of Business Success

Did you know that poor cash flow is the reason 82% of small businesses fail, according to the Small Business Administration? Don’t be one of the many business failures just because it’s hard in QuickBooks to forecast your cash flow (Yep, you’re not alone here.).


Cash flow forecasting doesn’t need to be hard in QuickBooks anymore!

But it does need to be done!

So, get rid of your cash flow forecasting Excel spreadsheets. Stop wasting time on duplicate data entry.

Drum roll, please. Introducing….., the Cash Flow Forecasting tool for your business needs.

The folks at really got their cash flow app for QuickBooks right! It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks – all versions, both desktop and online. It eliminates manual systems and duplicate data entry. Here at Bottom Line Accounting Solutions, we’re so excited about this cash flow forecasting tool that we became an authorized Certified Reseller.

CashFlowTool for QuickBooks cash flow forecasting:

  • Is easy to use
  • Generates what-if scenarios to your heart’s content
  • Includes customizable dashboards for your specific needs
  • Fully integrates with QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise or QuickBooks Online (QBO)
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Provides a full export to Excel

Check out this video to see how easy cash flow forecasting is in QuickBooks with CashFlowTool:


Ready to Get Started?

Grab your no-risk free trial to see what CashFlowTool can do for your business. Click the button below to get started right away! Use promo code BLAS


Take a look Inside CashFlowTool for QuickBooks puts these cash forecasting tools at your fingertips:

  • Cash flow calendar: At a glance you can see how many green days (more money coming in than going out) there are versus red days (more money going out than coming in).
  • Speed of Cash dashboard (and customized dashboards too!): View valuable cash metrics all in one place.
  • Full export to Excel: Need to massage the data some more?  Export it to Excel at the touch of a button.
  • Fully mobile (any device, any time): Check your cash situation on the go, even if you’re not in your office.
  • Complete integration with QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise and Online: Seamlessly bring your QuickBooks data into CashFlowTool with no duplicate data entry or messy mistakes.
  • Granular user security and permissions: Need to keep some data private? Control user access and permissions the way you need them.
  • “What-If” Scenarios: Our favorite part!  Add various money situations to see exactly how your future cash balances will be impacted before you take action.  Need to reset back to baseline?  Do it in one click.
  • Keep tabs on your cash flow for less than the cost for your daily cup of coffee!

Ready to Get Started?

Grab your no-risk free trial to see what CashFlowTool can do for your business. Click the button below to get started right away! Use promo code BLAS

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