CashFlowTool: The Cash Flow Planning App for QuickBooks

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Does this describe your current “cash flow planning” system?

  • Take the information from this report and re-type it into Excel
  • Pull the information from that report and re-key it into Excel
  • Manually set up formulas
  • Repeat every day
  • Pray that it’s accurate and you didn’t make any mistakes

It’s time to automate this process…

And that is exactly where CashFlowTool shines!

The CashFlowTool cash flow forecasting app has complete integration with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online. Many find it to be far more functional than the Cash Flow Projector that is built into QuickBooks.

My video below shows you how simple it is to use CashFlowTool to monitor and plan your small business cash flow.

Like what you see? Use my special link for a 10% discount on your CashFlowTool subscription.

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