How Do I Get the Manufacturing Edition (or other version) of QuickBooks Installed?

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The Premier and Enterprise editions of QuickBooks include several “industry-specific” versions that are embedded in the installation software.

By putting them all into one installation package, it simplifies the distribution of the software.


You can choose from these editions:

  • Manufacturing and Wholesale
  • Contractor
  • Retail
  • Non-Profit
  • General Business
  • Professional Services

Note that the installation process will default to the “General Business” edition of Premier or Enterprise. By doing that, you will miss out on some of the functionality that is unique to the manufacturing version of QuickBooks (various reports, etc.).

I often see IT firms whiz past this important screen when installing QuickBooks for their clients. You may have even done so yourself if you did a DIY installation of QuickBooks in your office.

The screen we want to see during installation looks like this (it will say the same if you are installing the Premier edition):

If you want the Manufacturing and Wholesale edition installed (commonly referred to as “the manufacturing edition”), you’d select that from the list of choices and continue with the installation. The same would apply if you want any of the other “industry-specific” versions listed to be installed.


If you want the manufacturing edition installed, but currently have the general business or other edition installed, you should be able to follow these instructions to make the change to the manufacturing edition:

Go to the Help menu, click Manage My License, and then click Change to a Different Industry Edition. Select a different industry and click Next. Verify your selection and click Finish. QuickBooks prompts you to make a backup.

If that solution doesn’t cut it for some reason, the only other alternative would be to uninstall QuickBooks, and then reinstall it on each computer, paying special attention to the box above when you get to that step in the installation process.

Hope this helps!


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