How to Print Pick Lists in QuickBooks

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I am often asked – can I print pick lists in QuickBooks?

The answer is – most definitely.

In fact, depending on the version of QuickBooks you are using, you may even have two options for printing them.


If you are using the Pro version of QuickBooks, the picking list can be printed from the create invoice screen.

If you are using the Premier or Enterprise editions of QuickBooks, the picking list can be printed from either the create sales order OR the create invoice screen – your choice.

The picking list is really just another “version” of either the invoice or sales order. In fact, you’ll find them in the list of templates (Lists > Templates). You simply jump between these versions of the templates to print out what you need for the particular order at hand.

The screen shot below shows where to find the picking list template when using sales orders (it is in the same location when using invoices):

Bonus: You can customize your picking lists in QuickBooks just like you can do with an invoice. Add your logo, add or delete columns or fields, change the fonts or other customizations are just a click away.


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