How to Set the Default Transaction Date in QuickBooks

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Wondering how QuickBooks determines what date to use on transactions?

Here’s the answer…


In QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise (this is not an option in QBO that I can see), navigate to the Edit menu option

From there, click Preferences, then General.

Once there, look for the “Default Date to Use for New Transactions” preference, which looks like this:

Setting default date in QuickBooks

You have two choices:

  • Use today’s date as default
  • Use the last entered date as default

Choose your preferred option and click OK to lock it in.

Pro tips:

  • I recommend using the “today’s date” option as the default unless you are hand entering a bunch of old transactions for some reason
  • Note this setting is under “My Preferences”. That means each QuickBooks user can set this preference as desired
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