Idea to Reduce Fraud in QB

Did you catch these recent headlines?

  • 44 year old woman is accused of illegally reaping a windfall of over $100,000 from a renewable energy business (worked there 10+ years)
  • 39 year old man is accused of stealing over $100,000 from a nursing home 
  • Longtime 44 year-old employee is accused of stealing over $300,000 from a small business (worked there 16 years)

Is your business next?

Yep, it sure could be!

To find out, take a second to answer the following question…

“Is your QuickBooks properly set up to help you avoid potential fraud?”


Scam Artist

There is a common theme to all of the situations mentioned above.

It’s this…

The employee created a transaction in QuickBooks, then went back and changed it to cover their tracks.

And they did it over.

And over and over.

For months or even years.

For example, they wrote a check to themselves, deposited the check in their bank, and then changed the transaction in QuickBooks to show the check being written to a vendor.

Hey, nobody’s looking, right?

Business owners are too busy to be bothered with their accounting. After all, that’s what they pay the employee to handle for them!

If you have someone in charge of your bank accounts and/or credit cards and processing them in QuickBooks (or any other software for that matter), I urge you to take the following steps…