14 Potential Heartburn Inducing Trouble Spots Lurking in Your Business Finances

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If your business is like most, the whole “accounting and finance thing” gets very little, if any, attention because:

  • There is too much else going on
  • Who wants to talk about boring accounting anyway?
  • Your outside accountant is “looking after” things for you
  • Substitute your own reason here ________________

If so, that’s very unfortunate.

Over the last 30+ years as a CFO and QuickBooks expert, I’ve seen businesses literally go into a death spiral because nobody was paying attention to the numbers on a regular basis.

Bad numbers = really bad business decisions!


I have put together a short checklist of potential trouble spots that may be happening right now in your business finances and QuickBooks.

Likely, you don’t even know about them.

This checklist will help you do a quick audit of things to help you identify the weak spots before they jump up and bite you someday (I’ve seen it happen too many times…)

If you need help getting to the bottom of any or all of the affected areas in your business, that’s what I do. Contact me for a closer look at your situation today.


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