Is QuickBooks Desktop Being Discontinued?

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Is QuickBooks desktop being discontinued?

I sure have fielded a boatload of inquiries on this question over the last several months!

Given that, I thought it made sense to take a closer look at this question and try to clear up the mountain of misinformation out there.

QuickBooks desktop being discontinued


Let’s break down this conversation into smaller, yet very important components.

This will allow you to better understand the bigger picture…

  • QuickBooks Service Discontinuation Policy – This is the Intuit policy that has been in place for decades now. This policy states that Intuit will stop support for their desktop products after three years. For example, support for QuickBooks 2020 will end on May 31, 2023. Support for QuickBooks 2021 will end on May 31, 2024 (assuming Intuit follows the same plan they have had for years). Please review the specifics of the QuickBooks service discontinuation policy.
    • This does NOT mean that QuickBooks desktop software will stop working as of the applicable date. It does mean that certain connected services (i.e. payroll, online banking, credit card processing and others) will no longer work. QuickBooks will still be able to create invoices, pay bills and run financial reports after the applicable date
    • Nor does this policy by itself mean that QuickBooks desktop products are being discontinued! (though you’ll want to read on for more…)


This is another area of great confusion, so here are some additional insights to help…

  • QuickBooks updates – these are the product enhancements and “bug fixes” that Intuit pushes out periodically for each of their versions (i.e. 2021, 2022, 2023, etc.). You’ll see messages pop up when you open the software indicating that QuickBooks needs to be updated. This simply means that you should download and install these patches (code named “Rx” releases, where the R stands for “Release” and x stands for “release #”). For example, I just looked at my QuickBooks 2021, and it shows R12, meaning there have been 12 releases/updates since QuickBooks 2021 was released to fix various issues.
  • QuickBooks upgrades – this is when you make a conscious decision to move from one YEAR of QuickBooks to another. For example, if I decided to move from QuickBooks 2021 to QuickBooks 2023 (released in the fall 2022), this would be an upgrade (not an update). I would be upgrading my QuickBooks from 2021 to 2023 and enjoying any new features and benefits added to the software in the 2022 and 2023 editions.


It’s essential to understand what version of QuickBooks you’re using every day so you know what options you have.

QuickBooks desktop products boil down to 3 key editions:

  • Pro
  • Premier (includes the Mfg, Contractor, Non-Profit and other specialized versions)
  • Enterprise (includes the Mfg, Contractor, Non-Profit and other specialized versions)

But wait, there’s more…

In 2022, because Intuit moved to the annual subscription model for their Pro and Premier versions, there are now these editions too:

  • Pro Plus
  • Premier Plus (includes the Mfg, Contractor, Non-Profit and other specialized versions)
  • Enterprise had been on the subscription basis since 2015, so there is no “Enterprise Plus”, just Enterprise (including the Mfg, Contractor, etc. versions)

What is the annual subscription model you ask?

Put bluntly – you don’t pay, QuickBooks doesn’t play. Starting with Pro Plus and Premier Plus 2022, you now have to pay for the software each and every year or it WILL stop working. The days where you purchased QuickBooks once and used it for many years are gone, gone, gone!

PRO TIP: To find the version of QuickBooks you have, either look at the blue bar across the top of the software or tap the F2 key for a product information screen to appear.

Here is a handy chart to help you understand the versions and how/where they actually work (i.e. PC, etc.). In addition, I’ve added information to help you understand the potential migration paths depending on the version you have – and be sure to read the very, very important notes at the bottom of the table too!

Table of QuickBooks versions and migration path for each one

Want to download a copy of this table? Click here.

PRO TIP: There is NO such thing as QuickBooks Enterprise Online! Nor is there QuickBooks Pro Online or QuickBooks Premier Online! The online versions of QuickBooks (QBO in shorthand) are very different and have their own terminology as referenced above.


Ah – if you’ve made it this far, you’re now getting into the really, really good stuff…

If you are trying to upgrade (see the definition above) your QuickBooks into the 2023 edition, you’ve encountered a big, big problem!

You can’t find QuickBooks Pro Plus or Premier Plus anywhere…I dare you to try and find it on the QuickBooks web site.

And hence the dilemma facing you…

The only way you are able to acquire QuickBooks Pro Plus or QuickBooks Premier Plus is to call Intuit directly. As of this writing, all links to these versions have been removed from the main QuickBooks web site.

That’s right – you can’t buy QuickBooks Pro Plus or QuickBooks Premier Plus from your favorite store or online retailer.

You have to call.

Oh, that is so 1995…


Intuit has made it abundantly clear time and again that they are moving full steam ahead with QBO.

Intuit insists to their advisor community that Pro and Premier are still available for those that want them – that is technically true.

Be forewarned….


If/when you call Intuit to purchase QuickBooks Pro Plus or Premier Plus, fasten your seat belt and prepare for a hyper-aggressive push to move you to QBO.

This is no joke.

I’ve had several clients that have recently done just this, as they were not yet ready to make the move to QBO for various reasons.

Each of them told me they were subject to high and relentless pressure to migrate to QBO.

In fact, one client shared with me that she had to tell the sales desk not once, not three times, not five times, but eight times to finally get her copy of QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023 and the sales agent finally relented.

When the only place you can get the product is via a telephone call, Intuit has you trapped for the QBO sales pitch. There is no way out.


Speaking as a consultant, I see where this is all going…

  • QuickBooks Pro and Premier move to subscription only status in 2022
  • Intuit raises the prices substantially on QuickBooks Pro and Premier in 2022 and 2023
  • Intuit pulls QuickBooks Pro and Premier from all retail channels
  • Intuit removes all references to QuickBooks Pro and Premier from their home page
  • Intuit forces customers to call to acquire QuickBooks Pro and Premier

Are you seeing what I’m seeing here?

I thought you might…

From my vantage point, QuickBooks Pro and Premier have been laid to rest. Not officially of course, but we know better.

It’s on to QBO, Enterprise, or maybe even a different package altogether!

Would love to hear your take on this topic! Please drop your comments below…


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  • Constance Smith

    Should have stuck with Aptora TOM! I hate the subscriptions , especially Online versions. I’m old and prefer to buy software and keep the control of my data. I resent being held hostage by software companies. If your Microsoft 365 Office expires you can still see your documents, spreadsheets, etc, that you labored to create as templates that you could use over and over. But you can’t use them. These guys have got you by the … you know whats!

    • Scott Gregory

      Hi Constance:

      As we’re seeing more and more, recurring revenue through monthly or annual subscriptions are the name of the game these days.

      True desktop solutions are getting harder and harder to find…


  • DMK

    I had to switch last year to Quickooks Pro Plus for desktop last year. Not a fan of not having control of my software. I went round and round with the QB Online version being FORCED on me. QB does not have or does not meet HIPPA requirements. I have documentation from the conversations with 2 different QB folks, that they are not HIPPA complaint!! I am in healthcare and am required by law and insurance that my software be HIPPA complaint.

    • Scott Gregory

      I am intrigued by your comment – does your accounting software have to be HIPPA compliant? I get it that patient/insurance software would need to be.

      I’m not sure any accounting software out there would meet that criteria, as it is usually not dealing with confidential patient information…


  • Lisa Barker

    Do you have suggestions of other software that serves small to medium size companies well other than QB? I love QB but have been warned we’re out-growing QB and I don’t know what to look at for a comparable/better product. Would value your thoughts.

    • Scott Gregory

      Hi Lisa:

      I am fielding questions very similar to yours on a pretty regular basis.

      That’s why I’ve partnered up with the team at Striven. They provide a platform that many small and medium businesses can use to move into from QB.

      I’d be happy to get you connected with my direct contacts there – just let me know. (#ad)


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