QuickBooks Enterprise vs QuickBooks Online Feature Comparison

In this installment, we’ll take a look at a comparison of features between QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks Enterprise (QBE).

Note: Be sure to check out part 1, where we took a look at the cost and 24/7 access differences between QBO and QBE.


Rather than list out a side by side comparison of what both products have in common, I thought it would be helpful to identify those key features that exist in one or the other, but not both.

The lists below are not designed to be all-inclusive, as Intuit tweaks QuickBooks regularly. These are focused on what typical end users would need, not special features that accountants may use in QB.

Features in QBE but not QBO:

  • Sales orders
  • Industry specific reporting (contractor, mfg/wholesale, etc.)
  • Multi-location inventory tracking, lot/serial tracking, barcoding (these are only available in the Platinum subscription level of QBE)
  • Available to promise inventory
  • Assemblies and bills of material
  • Change orders on estimates
  • Fixed asset manager
  • Batch enter transactions

Features in QBO but not QBE:

  • Schedule and send transactions
  • Bank feeds can be set up to run automatically every night
  • Multiple budgets per fiscal year
  • Journal entries can have multiple AR or AP entries in them
  • Delayed charges (set up now, but record later)
  • 24/7 access, since it is web based

Note: Woody Adams from Intuit (@adams_woody) put together