Looking for Better Inventory Management than QBO Offers? 5 Reasons to Consider Order Time

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When it comes to your inventory and order management, it’s very possible that QuickBooks Online (QBO) may not be the best solution for you.

The inventory module in QBO is really pretty basic – it may be fine for some businesses with limited needs.

However, most inventory-based businesses I’ve worked with over the years need far more than QBO provides.

Enter Order Time – an inventory management platform that “plugs in” to QBO…

Order Time Inventory Management for QBO


Reason #1 – Order Time has sales order tracking. QBO does not

Sales orders are the transactions where you’re tracking customers orders that have been received but not yet shipped or fulfilled for some reason.

Believe it or not, none of the versions of QBO have sales order capabilities at this time. You may see “sales orders” referenced in relation to the Commerce module of QBO, but don’t be fooled. That is not what you need if you are using sales orders in a traditional fashion.

Order Time has full sales order capabilities so you can track your open/unfulfilled customer orders.


Reason #2 – Order Time offers multi-location tracking for inventory. QBO does not

Do you have inventory in multiple locations?

Want to track inventory by row/bin/shelf location?

Unfortunately, you won’t find those capabilities in any version of QBO.

Order Time has full multi-location tracking so you can find anything quickly and efficiently.


Reason #3 – Order Time offers serial/lot tracking. QBO does not

Many firms need to track their inventory by either serial or lot numbers to help with traceability of their products.

As it exists today, QBO does not offer either of these functions across any of the versions.

Order Time helps you keep your inventory organized with these vital details. You can increase traceability and allow for tracking of each and every item you produce or resell. Set up expiration dates in order to keep your ingredients fresh.


Reason #4 – Order Time offers bills of material and assemblies. QBO does not

Does your business use bills of material (commonly referred to as “BOMs” or “recipes”)? These are commonly used to help simplify the inventory tracking process – the bill of material deducts all the component parts when used and puts the finished product into stock, all in one transaction.

Don’t confuse bills of material with bundles/kitting – they are two very different approaches to inventory tracking.

Unfortunately, QBO does not have bill of material or assembly capabilities at this time.

Order Time has full bill of material/assembly and work order capabilities to help make your processes fast and efficient.


Reason #5 – Order Time offers barcoding capabilities. QBO does not

The use of bar codes allows your inventory processes to happen more efficiently and with more accuracy.

You won’t find any bar code capabilities for inventory tracking within QBO.

Order Time helps you keep track of items by assigning barcodes to them. Scan items into sales orders, invoices, and more to avoid manual data entry. Create labels with their custom label designer and print them as well.


As noted above, Order Time offers a feature rich inventory management platform that connects to QBO.

I thought it would also be helpful to show you a feature by feature comparison of the Order Time vs. QBO inventory features – shown in the table below:
Order Time Inventory Tracking vs. QBO - Feature Comparison

NOTE: Download the above table in PDF format here.



Like what you see here? Feel free to dig into your free trial of Order Time so you can see just how robust it is for your inventory management needs.

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