Use This Quick Trick When Working in Multiple QuickBooks Company Files

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Working in more than one QuickBooks files on a regular basis?

If so, avoid a major “oh crap” moment by using this handy trick to change the color scheme in your files.

BTW – the “oh crap” moment happens when you accidentally enter a couple of hours (or more) worth of data in the wrong QuickBooks file!

Here’s how to change the color scheme in a QuickBooks file (this applies to the desktop versions – Pro, Premier and Enterprise):

  • Click Edit, then Preferences
  • Click the Desktop View preference on the left hand side
  • Once there, on the My Preferences tab, choose a different color scheme from the drop-down box as shown below

In this example, I chose the Pink color scheme. You can see how it visually changes the border within QuickBooks from the default blue color.

By swapping out the colors, you have a visual cue built into your workflow to help you make sure you are in the correct company file.

Note – if you are in a multi-user setup, each user will need to follow these steps to change the color scheme to their liking, as this is a per user setting, not a company-wide setting.


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