Hopefully this list provides answers to your questions about QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop software!

Can I get QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise any other way than via the subscription pricing model?

No. It is ONLY available now via subscription. The old days of “pay once and use for many years” are gone. If you see it offered any other way, buyer beware.

Can I get a discount on my subscription?

Yes! I offer QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop with a lifetime 20% discount for EVERY year of your subscription. Periodically, there may be other specials and promos offered, but the 20% lifetime discount is very likely the best way to go.

Does my QuickBooks Enterprise subscription include access to QuickBooks support?

Yes, it does. When you subscribe with me, you have full access to the QuickBooks support desk as part of your subscription. I also offer QuickBooks consulting services, but separate fees apply.

Which of the three subscription levels (Silver/Gold/Platinum) is right for my business?

The Silver level is the “traditional” version of QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop. The Gold level includes all Silver features plus a subscription to the QuickBooks Enhanced payroll service. The Platinum level includes all Gold features plus a subscription to the QuickBooks Advanced Inventory module. Download my free guide to determine which subscription is right for you. [PDF Download]

How long is the subscription period for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

Each subscription runs for a 12 month period. You have the option to pay for this subscription via one annual payment or 12 monthly payments. Your pricing for the monthly payment option is more expensive than the annual payment option. (Sorry – only Intuit can explain the reasoning behind that)

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can, but….you will be billed for the unused term of the subscription if you cancel early. More importantly, your QuickBooks software will no longer work if you cancel your subscription, and you will not be able to access your company information or finances.

Does the QuickBooks software have a "kill switch" in it if I don't pay/stay current?

Yes. The software is programmed to check periodically to ensure your subscription is paid up. If not, it will no longer work and you will not be able to access your company information or finances.

Since QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is now a subscription service, is it "in the cloud" like other subscription software?

No. QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop is installed on servers/desktops/laptops within your business. All of your data stays on your local network and computers.

I heard it is possible to put QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise "in the cloud" - is that true?

This is what is referred to as having your QuickBooks hosted with a third party hosting company. These companies take care of the installation and maintenance of your QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise so you don’t have to. You pay them a fee each month based on the number of users for this management and maintenance. In turn, you get 24/7 access to your QuickBooks.

Is QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop the same thing as QuickBooks Online?

No. Not even close. QuickBooks Enterprise Desktop and QuickBooks Online are two VERY different versions of QuickBooks accounting software. Don’t be confused or mislead by anyone telling you the same.

Can I downgrade from QuickBooks Enterprise to QuickBooks Premier or QuickBooks Pro to get away from the subscription pricing?

Not directly. There are no “magic buttons” inside the software that will allow this to happen. However, there are third party companies that offer this downgrade as a paid service. One such example is QuickBooksUsers.com QuickBooks Enterprise downgrade service.

Naturally, you’ll want to ensure that taking this step makes sense for your business. You may be sacrificing speed, functionality, user security, and/or concurrent user access by downgrading out of QuickBooks Enterprise. Learn more about the key differences in QuickBooks Enterprise, Premier and Pro versions in my handy reference guide. [PDF Download]

Can I get a free trial of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise?

Sure can! Visit my resource page for details. Just remember to use a COPY of any existing QuickBooks data with the trial version, not your live production data.

How is it you can offer this 20% lifetime discount?

As one of Intuit’s top resellers of QuickBooks Enterprise since 2004, Intuit has granted me the ability to offer this 20% lifetime discount to my customer base.

Is there a big learning curve to QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks Enterprise gets high marks for ease of use. If you’re moving from QuickBooks Pro or Premier, Enterprise uses the same interface, so there is no learning curve at all!

Does my existing QuickBooks Pro or Premier data migrate into Enterprise?

Definitely. The process of migrating data is seamless.

Does QuickBooks Enterprise have better user security than QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

Sure does. You can read more about it in my guide. [PDF Download]

Are there alternatives to QuickBooks Enterprise?

Yes there are. Most of the alternatives are going to cost you significantly more than Enterprise and they usually add layers of complexity to your business that you may or may not need or want. But the choice is yours as to which software you choose to power your business.

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Can QuickBooks Enterprise handle more data than QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

Definitely. It can usually support 6x the amount of data than Pro or Premier and up to 30 users too!


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