QuickBooks Mfg Edition vs. Katana

To clarify some misunderstanding out there – yes, there is a manufacturing edition of QuickBooks.

You will find that edition inside both the Premier and Enterprise (desktop) versions of QuickBooks (there are also Contractor, General Business and other editions).

There is no such thing as QuickBooks Online for manufacturers (at this time anyway…)

But just because it says “manufacturing” in the title doesn’t mean it is a good fit for your situation.



At its’ core, QuickBooks is accounting software with some manufacturing features baked into it.

And that’s a very important point when it comes to features and functionality that many manufacturers need.

Let’s take a closer look at what I mean…

In my experience working with manufacturers over the last twenty years, many of them need/want:

  • Production scheduling of some sort
  • Drag and drop scheduling to allow for the inevitable changes in plans
  • Linkage from sales order to the build order for it
  • Inventory committed to current ord