A Better Way To Track Your Open Sales Orders And Backorders In QuickBooks!

If your business uses the QuickBooks sales order module, you’re well aware that you have only two ways to report on your open sales orders:

  • Use the Open Sales Order by Customer report – this report doesn’t provide item details
  • Use the Open Sales Order by Item report – this report can’t be sorted by customer

I’ve never understood why Intuit never created a report that combines open sales orders by customers and by item.

After all, that’s how most of my clients want to see the information presented.

You do too, right?

If so, here’s some great news for you…


Enter The New Open Sales Order By Customer By Item (Or Also By Item By Customer) Report…

I’ve worked closely with a report development team to give you the ability to run an open sales order by customer by item or open sales order by item by customer using your QuickBooks Enterprise data.

Here are snippets of what these reports look like:


Reporting Options at Your Fingertips…

The report tool lets you group the information by customer or item, as shown below:


From there, you can sort by item, customer or even sales order number!


Want This Functionality For Your Business?

I thought you might!

If you’re interested getting these reports out of QuickBooks on a regular basis, help is here.

I am offering this custom report kit that allows you to run the open sales order by customer by item or open sales order by item by customer in QuickBooks on demand.

The reporting kit consists of:

  • The report templates as you see above (they will load with your data of course!)
  • The report generation software
  • The report viewing software
  • Full instructions on how to connect to your QuickBooks Enterprise and get it set up

IMPORTANT NOTE: This sales order report kit ONLY works with QuickBooks Enterprise. It does not work with Pro, Premier or Online versions.

Order Your Sales Order Report Kit Now!

The normal price for this sales order report kit is normally $895.

However, I’m making it available right now for the value price of just $395.

Simply click the checkbox and then the Buy Now button below, and I’ll get you the complete kit. I will ask you for a few details about your QuickBooks on the order form. You’ll then have your complete report kit within two business days, as some final programming has to be done for each individual buyer to make sure the kit works with their copy of QuickBooks.

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