Summit Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks – An Alternative to Right Networks and Others

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Is your business looking for an alternative to Right Networks (or other provider) for QuickBooks hosting?

Maybe you’re looking to stop running your own servers and move your existing QuickBooks software to the cloud?

Either way, I’d like to introduce you to the Summit Cloud Hosting solution.

I became a partner in their program this year.


Let’s consider this question for a moment…

When it comes to visiting the beach, do you prefer crowds like this:

QuickBooks Shared Servers are Crowded

Or do you prefer solitude like this?

QuickBooks Dedicated Server - The Better Option

Your QuickBooks file definitely prefers solitude. It does not like sharing space on a shared server with many other businesses and their QuickBooks files.

Did you know how much better a dedicated QuickBooks hosting server is for your business?

Summit runs dedicated servers. Most other hosting providers run what are known as “farm shared” servers. When you’re on a “farm shared” server, you are sharing a server with all that provider’s other clients. Hopefully those 30 clients know best practices when it comes to malware, viruses, and not clicking things they shouldn’t, because if a client on your farm server makes the wrong click, it will have consequences for every other user on that server.

Since Summit’s servers are dedicated, the only people on your server are you and your colleagues. While you may not have people you don’t even know to worry about, you still have to worry about the people you do know making that one wrong click. If one of your users downloads malware, ransomware, a virus, or anything else that they shouldn’t, Summit has SentinelOne installed on the server. As an enterprise-level security suite, S1 will monitor your server 24/7, and if it detects anything out of the ordinary with your data, it will quarantine it and automatically alert our Security team for them to further examine the alert.


Many businesses have a need to connect QuickBooks with other third-party programs to provide additional functionality.

Some QuickBooks hosting vendors are extremely rigid when it comes to third-party add-on integrations. And if the integration you need is not on the list, oh well.

Summit understands this is NOT how it should be.

They are very flexible when it comes to integrating with other third-party programs. Naturally, there may be some technical reasons why they can’t integrate with another program, but their approach to all of them is much, much more open. This is a big benefit to you.


Summit knows you’ve got more valuable things to do than work through a complicated setup or conversion process to get your QuickBooks hosting up and running.

The setup process to get your hosting server set up, user accounts created, and printers established is all handled by the Summit team.

Once you give them the setup information they need, they’ll get it set up and hand you the keys to get rolling.


Summit Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks

It would be a pleasure to provide you with a quote so you can compare the Summit solution against your current provider (or your internal server and maintenance costs).



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