Thank you for allowing me to take care of your QuickBooks Enterprise software order. I appreciate it!

Here is what happens next…

  • Within 1 business day, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. This confirmation will come directly from Intuit, since they are the ones issuing your QuickBooks Enterprise licenses.
  • The e-mail you receive from Intuit will also contain very critical information needed for your installation, including:
  • A link to download your QuickBooks Enterprise installation software. The download usually takes about 30 minutes or so (depending on the speed of your internet connection)
  • The license number and product code that are required to be entered once you begin the installation process. The installation will not complete without it.
  • Once you get this information, you can begin the installation at your convenience.
  • If you chose to add the hosting service, the hosting company will be in contact with you in 1-2 business days to get you going

Should there be any questions or concerns about installation or other aspects of your QuickBooks Enterprise software, here are the suggested options:

  • You can contact the QuickBooks Enterprise support desk directly. You receive full access to them for a full 12 months as part of your purchase of Enterprise.


I wanted to take a minute and sincerely thank you for the work you’re doing with QuickBooks (1 on 1 training, webinars, fighting our battles with Intuit, and hosting a fantastic blog which is always very helpful). I’ve worked with QB for about 5 years now and still am learning new things. Your approach with people and groups is effective and appreciative in every way. You are a valuable resource to me and I’m sure to many others as well and we appreciate you and your work! Please keep up the wonderful work you do.

Pam Jimmerson

Your training has literally revolutionized the way we run things here. Everyone in our entire company - from Customer Service, Purchasing, Marketing, Shipping, to Management has benefitted greatly from what you have taught us! I couldn't recommend your expertise more - I would tell any QuickBooks user that a session with you is mandatory. The ROI is literally 50 fold for our company.

Victoria Marquardt

Applied Home Healthcare Equipment

QuickBooks and Profit Improvement Expertise Just a Click Away!


Scott Gregory

QuickBooks Expert and Intuit Premier Reseller