Tracking Inventory In Quickbooks?

Where do you fit when it comes to tracking your inventory…

  • Using a manual system now and want to automate inventory with QuickBooks?
  • Already using QuickBooks to track inventory and want to better understand it?
  • Feel you’re outgrowing the inventory tracking features in QuickBooks or need more?

Does QuickBooks Work for Inventory Management Software?

QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise/Online all have an inventory module.

Within this module, you can track inventory parts, non-inventory parts, services, and other charges.

In addition, you can create and receive against purchase orders for any type of item.

The Premier and Enterprise editions of QuickBooks go further and allow you to track inventory assemblies and bills of material. You can also create and track sales orders and backorders for your customers.

There is an entire ecosystem of inventory add-on software for QuickBooks that offer capabilities such as: shop floor tracking and management, e-commerce inventory management, mobile bar coding, lot/serial number management and so much more.


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