Gross profit by item sold QuickBooks

While your profit and loss/income statement report gives you the gross profit margin for your entire business, what if you prefer to see the gross profit margin by item sold instead?

Fortunately, there is a handy report in QuickBooks (all versions) to provide that very information to you!

Click Reports > Sales > Sales by Item Summary (Desktop) or Reports > Sales by Product/Service Summary (Online), and you’ll get something that looks like this:

Sales by Item Summary report in QuickBooks to see gross profit margin by item


Now that you have created the report, note that you can see the gross profit margin by both dollars and %.

This report works great for all inventory parts and assembly items in your QuickBooks.


Since QuickBooks does not track an average cost (or FIFO cost if your business is using that QB Enterprise Advanced Inventory option) for non-inventory parts, the above report doesn’t work so well.


You can approach this need a different way to get a similar report. Here’s how:

Click Reports > Custom Reports > Summary (in Desktop)

On the box that appears, be sure to choose Item Detail in the “Display Columns by” as shown below:

Custom summary report to show sales by item in QuickBooks

Once you do that, you get what looks like the traditional profit and loss statement, but you now see all the items you sell across the top.

This will include inventory parts, assemblies, non-inventory parts, services and other charges as well. You can then easily export this report to Excel to focus on just the non-inventory parts as well as quickly add formulas to get your gross profit by item.