Watch Out for These Scams When it Comes to Your QuickBooks!

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I wanted to take a moment and share some insights and words of caution…

Here are some situations clients and friends have bumped into as they have been navigating the world of QuickBooks.

Scams Relating to QuickBooks


As we know very well, QuickBooks software is not getting any cheaper these days!

Because of that, businesses have been searching the internet for “cheap QuickBooks software” or other similar search terms.

What do they often get? Counterfeit/pirated software that they can’t register or use in their business.

While the price looked really good in these situations, they purchased QuickBooks through some questionable web sites – and got nothing to show for it other than a massive headache!

ADVICE: Only purchase/subscribe to QuickBooks directly through an authorized reseller such as myself, the main QuickBooks web site, or big box retailers like Staples, Best Buy, etc. If you are buying through Amazon, make sure the software is being sold directly from Amazon, not a third party seller. Please note that Amazon does NOT offer any type of returns on software, where QuickBooks and resellers do offer a 60 day refund period.



Google can be a great tool to search for just about anything.

When it comes to searching for “Quickbooks support”, searcher beware!!

Sadly, there are a number of “less than reputable” listings out there indicating they offer support. What they are really offering is a scam!

True story – I was contacted by a business that had searched for “QuickBooks support”. They had connected with a firm that offered to “help” them, and the firm insisted on connecting remotely to their computer “for a closer look” (I get it that a remote connection may be needed, but read on…). From there, the “support site” attempted to convince them that their QuickBooks data file was corrupt and it would cost $2,000 for them to diagnose it further. And of course, they were ready to take credit card details right then to get things going!

Upon further evaluation, we learned that their file was not corrupt at all. The business computer just got hung up (like they do sometimes!) and a simple reboot solved their problem – and saved them $2,000 as well!

Sadly, I read and hear stories like this regularly about businesses getting scammed when it comes to QuickBooks support.

ADVICE: If you need help sorting out issues with QuickBooks, to me there are only three places to look:

  1. The official QuickBooks site
  2. The QuickBooks Find a ProAdvisor site – this solution can be best for more of the “how do I do this…” type of questions when it comes to your QuickBooks
  3. The IT firm that handles the computer and network setup for your business – this solution is usually best for the “techie” type of support issues (i.e. error messages, network problems, etc.)

Between these solutions, you should be able to get the help and insight your business needs.



Just when I thought I had seen it all, one of my QuickBooks Enterprise subscribers sent me a message recently.

They had received an e-mail on their Enterprise subscription renewal and asked why their discount fell off the account.

I had them forward me a copy of the message, and it sure looked authentic!

It correctly listed:

  • The name of the clients’ business
  • The correct Enterprise subscription version
  • The correct number of Enterprise users
  • It has the “normal look and feel” of QuickBooks Enterprise messaging in terms of colors, fonts, etc.

The client called the number provided in the e-mail to inquire further. Guess what? They were given the opportunity to “easily renew their account” right then and there with this bogus outfit that had absolutely nothing to do with Intuit or QuickBooks Enterprise.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that the e-mail itself was not sent from the or domains. It was sent from a “similar” sounding domain. How they got the correct name of the company and Enterprise subscription details is still a mystery!

ADVICE: As far as I know, all subscription-based versions of QuickBooks are on automatic renewal and will charge to the credit card or bank account on file. There would be no need to contact anyone for a separate renewal of the subscription! While there may be a need to update contact, bank or credit card details, your best best is to connect directly with Intuit to handle that. They have access to the billing portal where all that information is kept.



My readers would love to hear from you (as would I)!

Please share your story in the comment box below…

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  • Jeena

    I am on with QuickBooks now but feels odd because they asked for remote access and they asked for my password. I gave both because they said I am over paying for QuickBooks online

    • Scott Gregory

      Jeena – Intuit never asks for a password. I think you are in the middle of a scam call right now!

      There are many other ways to determine if you are overpaying for QB Online…


  • Greg Ieraci

    I called a support number which told me they were quicken support. My subscription was due and I could not log into my account to check access. This led to my not being able to download from any institutions without asking for my login and password. I called this support number (QB support). They gave me some story about needing a security update and a renewal for 3 years. Total cost $1066.20. I thought this was my only option so I gave them my checking account # and routing. They were on my computer for 2 hours when I realized it was a scam. I shut down my computer and they called me. They told me I could cancel which I did. I then called my bank and filed an EFT stop payment. I changed all my passwords and froze my credit accounts. I also uninstalled their remote software with a program that deletes lagging files. I am afraid that they have access now. I called the real Quicken support today and they verified this could be a scam. Company is QB Services. Beware!

    • Scott Gregory

      Hi Greg:

      Thanks for sharing this story, as painful as it was to read.

      This reinforces the need to go directly to or to get the support numbers directly from them, not a Google search…


  • Ayelet

    Hi, I am getting emails from
    to upgrade my QB online, asking me to call them.
    sounds fishy to me.
    your advice?

    • Scott Gregory


      Totally agree that this sounds fishy to me as well.

      As with anything, trust but verify.

      Unless you are in the market to actually make a move to QBO, I’d say let the calls just flow by…

  • Jessica

    Im getting calls daily from a “quickbooks” security support agent saying there has been an issue with my license number and that I’ve been interacting with an unauthorized third party claiming to be quickbooks. Is this a scam? My husband was on the phone previously with quickbooks for 2 hours because they were saying they couldn’t verify we have an account even though he gave them the EIN and our normal information they require. About a week later he started getting this call. They were also wanting an additional $400 even though we just renewed in march and paid over &700 then . He was locked out of our account for a week even though we had proof we paid previously. Now they are saying there is an issue with our license number even though we’ve been in business for 3 years.

    • Scott Gregory

      Hi Jessica:

      Indeed, this sure sounds like a scam-a-rama to me!

      The only way I’d talk to Intuit is to dial them up directly with the # that appears at As far as I know, Intuit doesn’t have “security support agents” that call customers.

      Good luck in getting this all resolved…


  • Edith

    I got a 2:30 am phone call saying my CC had issues to pay for my 2023 subscription – the number to call was 844-650-5950 – when I called and asked for the name on the account this was associated with – they hung up! I am not a 2023 subscriber (yet) so apparently this was fake to get my CC info.

    • Scott Gregory

      The call at 2:30am would have been the first tipoff to me that something was out of whack here.

      Sadly, this is happening a lot these day.

      Glad you were able to avoid any further problems!!!


  • Vickie

    How do you know who an authorized reseller is?

  • Sara

    I just got off the phone with “support”. They tried to convince me my file was corrupt and needed to be fixed for $500. It sounded fishy to me so I got off the phone. They had remote access to my computer. Are there any actions I need to take now???

    • Scott Gregory

      Hi Sara:

      I’m glad you realized that this was indeed a scam.

      If you allowed them remote access, you will want to uninstall whatever software they used to access your system. If you’re not comfortable with that process, best bet is to connect with a local IT shop to help review your computer.


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